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Our Beneficiaries

It is our endeavor to assist and empower our beneficiaries in multiple ways. We draw on resources, both tangible and intangible, and offer the best we can.

We identify our low-income beneficiaries through referrals from Family Service Centres and applications from the general public. The beneficiaries for SMILE Seniors are largely word-of-mouth and walk-ins. 


We work together with the beneficiaries to look into the form of individualised training and/or upgrading skills.


Our Services

Our Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are women with psycho-social needs, not limited to the following areas:     

  • Low income with limited or zero social and employment opportunities

  • Divorced/separated.  Single parent.

  • Medically challenged.

  • Abused(physically/emotionally).

  • Shelter/housing issues.

  • Family member with a chronic, life-threatening, or critical medical condition.

  • Low functioning.

  • Incarcerated.

  • Ex-offenders.

  • Loss of employment.

  • Problem gambling.

  • Other social issues.

  • Women above 50 irrespective of their financial status


Beneficiary Intake Process


  • Walk-Ins and referrals from the Family Service Centres.​

  • Tie-up with social organizations for referrals.

  • Create awareness through media campaigns.


  • Fill up a detailed form.

  • Assessment of applicant done.

  • If falls within criteria, social report is put up to Board



  • Post approval by Board, approved as beneficiary of PS.

  • Alignment of beneficiary to the recommended skills training area


Service Provided

Empowerment Programs

  • Training

  • Certification

  • Readiness for Employment


Emotional Support                                                       

  •  Counselling

  • Home Visits

  • Case Work

 Financial Support

  • Financial Assistance

  • Festival Allowances       


Informational Support

  • Training

  • Certification

  • Readiness for Employment

Social Support

  • Reintegration to community through social programmes

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