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 Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Empowerment with a SMILE!

  • To enhance social wealth for women through structured training and entrepreneurship programmes.

  • To enhance dignity of individuals by inspiring women to become more economically active and personally fulfilled.

  • To support women to achieve their full potential; to enable and facilitate their active involvement in employment, learning and community life.

Our Vision

Project SMILE, through responsible and sustainable initiatives, is committed to building a better society, where all women have equal opportunities to grow personally, financially and socially.

Our Objective 

Our objectives are - 

  1. Establish and provide a supportive platform empowering women in challenging circumstances, enabling them to live a life of strength and dignity.

  2. Offer a range of skills training programs, including vocational skills, digital literacy, and financial management, to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our beneficiaries.

  3. Offer temporary financial aid to women experiencing challenges, either for themselves or their families on a case to-case basis and refer genuine beneficiaries who may need permanent financial aid to the appropriate agencies.

  4. Create opportunities for older women to form social connections and build a sense of community through workshops, events, outings, exercise sessions and more.

  5. Secure funding from diverse sources, including grants, corporate partnerships, and individual donations.

  6. Develop a sustainability plan to ensure the long-term viability of skills training programs for our beneficiaries.

  7. Play an advocacy role for disadvantaged women at both the micro and macro levels.

  8. Provide an opportunity for people to give back to society through volunteering.

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