Project SMILE (formerly Lisha Project SMILE), a Singapore-based Charity, was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded women with a vision and desire to help underprivileged women. We are a volunteer-led organization deeply committed to empowering women and helping them lead a better life. Our volunteers are an eclectic group of people from different age groups and professions, united in our passion to give the very best to our beneficiaries. Starting out with helping 10 women in 2010, we have now supported close to 100 women and their families, who benefit from our services such as emotional support, empowerment & training, financial assistance, social integration, referrals and informational support. As volunteers befriending and working alongside these women, we have witnessed so much strength and determination in them, though many of them have been through difficult challenges in their lives. It has been such an enriching experience for us and we want to continue our efforts to reach out to more women in our society.

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