When women support each other incredible things happen

We offer guidance in the form of social support, counselling and financial assistance to help disadvantage women make empowered decisions in their lives.

Supporting and Motivating Individual Ladies with Empowerment

Through referrals from Family Service Centres and applications from the general public, Project SMILE identifies beneficiaries who would benefit from their assistance to uplift them from their dire circumstances. The aim of the assistance is to help the women get themselves and their families back on track with their lives. Make a difference by volunteering your time and experience, or by making an online donation to Project SMILE at Giving.sg.


An empathetic ear, a heartfelt conversation, a warm smile; simple acts of kindness that are often overlooked. Project SMILE provides a welcoming environment where beneficiaries can socialise and feel a sense of belonging.


Regardless of circumstance, every woman deserves dignity and self-respect. Through emotional support, encouragement and counselling, beneficiaries learn to value themselves, and open themselves up to help.


Through the Project SMILE training programmes, beneficiaries are equipped with the tools and skills not only to deal with the difficult challenges they face in daily life, but also to help them work towards a better future.

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